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Mindmistress visits Magellan
by Al Schroder
Al is the creator of Mindmistress - a webcomic about a superheroine whos particular gift is super intelligence. Al says, "I like crossovers---another part of my love of superheroes---and I figured Rochelle Kwan, whose power is her genetically-enhanced intelligence, could use a tutor occasionally who understands what it's like to be superintelligent." I sure agree with that - and when we get to meet Rochelle in a few more weeks it'll be pretty clear she has trouble relating to us 'normally intelligent dummies'! I love this picture featuring (from l-r) Freya, Nadine, Kaycee, Mindmistress and Rochelle and also love the extra touch of the stautue of Magellan in the background. :D

Thanks Al!

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